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Zume Products introduce Zume Magnetic Screen Door
Zume Carpet Tape

Its available on amazon now

Magnectic Screen Door

Right here we've got something you gonna love

Double Sided Carpet Tape By Zume

Indoor Adhesive Carpet Edge Binding Tape- Removable Carpet, Mat, Rug Tape- Heavy Duty Tape For Any Type Of Floor Or Carpet- No Residue- 40 Yards- Lifetime Guarantee

Fresh & Clean Design

Very Flexible

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Anna Smith, Company Inc.

Best purchase ever made!! I have 2 small kids who like to go out a lot but won't close the door. This is the best one I have used so far, will definitely buy other products from ZUME PRODUCTS.

John Doe, Company Inc.

I've tried a number of screens and most of them fell apart very quickly. This one, however, was very well made and the center magnet is very durable. Though the velcro works well for installation. .

Tom Sawyer, Company Inc.

Great screen!! Good quality and workmanship. The magnets are the entire length of the screen and are quite powerful. No gaps and closes quickly. Would recommend highly!

Sarah White, Company Inc.

Easy to install and seems to be made very well. Magnets don't close after you go thru the opening, so may have the mesh opening to tight. Like the looks of it

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